Litigation & Disputes

Arbitration provisions are commonplace in both consumer contracts and agreements between businesses. Recent developments on the use of arbitration and prohibitions on class arbitration suggest that we will see more (not less) arbitration in the years ahead. Not only are you more likely to go to trial in arbitration, the stakes at a hearing are higher because it is extremely hard to overturn an arbitration award in court.

Cases arbitrated run the gamut from the most complex commercial multi-contract and multi-party disputes to two party breach of contract claims, business tort, fraud, unfair business practices, securities, franchise, intellectual property, trade secrets, non-competition and non-solicitation issues and trusts and estates cases.  This is where you give us a call. For the bulk of their careers, the trial lawyers at our firm have been presenting evidence and examining witnesses before arbitrators around the United States. They have a great appreciation for the nuances of this particular dispute resolution process and know how to give you the best chance at a favorable result before the arbitrators called to decide your fate.

Our firm knows the rules and regularly arbitrates disputes with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services (JAMS). And we are no strangers to the selection process and often work with our adversaries to single out the right arbitrator for the job. Arbitration is just another form of dispute resolution. Our trial lawyers stand ready to assist you in your private arbitration.