Zach Weyher

Salt Lake City, UT
F: 801.350.9010

Zachary Weyher is a Partner at Pia Hoyt. Zach is a complex civil litigation trial lawyer with over fifteen years of experience. He has represented corporate clients in federal court throughout the country and in state and federal courts in Utah, Nevada and California. Zach represents both plaintiffs and defendants in corporate disputes, government enforcement actions, federal trademark, patent and copyright infringement matters, well as civil rights, products liability, personal injury, and government and corporate malfeasance cases. Zach brings extensive experience in all phases of federal and state litigation, from Plaintiff litigation planning and case initiation and through trial and post-trial proceedings.

After graduating with honors from the University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney College of Law in 2005, Zach joined the international litigation firm Howrey LLP as a litigation associate. During his seven years with Howrey, Zach gained vast complex civil litigation defense securities, intellectual property, antitrust and other complex federal litigation matters, often with millions or billions of dollars at stake. Dispositive motions, depositions, discovery management overseeing dozens of attorneys and millions of documents, oral arguments, pretrial practice through trial in complex matter; Zach was relied upon in some of the firms most difficult and high stakes cases.

Zach also participated in Howrey's renowned pro bono program, dedicating hundreds of hours for the less fortunate and assisting nonprofit organizations, including the ACLU, in civil rights cases. Zach is most proud of his extensive work with ACLU of Utah on a major First Amendment, ultimately winning, striking an unconstitutional Utah statute, which also helped earn the ACLU of Utah hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees. Zach worked with the ACLU in creating a report investigating Utah’s inadequate provision for indigent criminal defense under the 6th Amendment. That report ultimately led to significant funding fundamental improvements to Utah’s indigent criminal defense system.

Zach later started his own firm, continuing his litigation career and gaining extensive courtroom and trial experience.

Zach brings extraordinary attention to detail and tenacity all his cases, as well as a creative and dynamic approach to all litigation and thrives in the nuances of complex business litigation.

Client satisfaction and relationships are at the forefront of Zach’s practice, always keeping his clients informed and as involved, or not, as they want.