About Pia Hoyt Law Firm

We are a full service law firm with an array of talented lawyers

We have experience working at some of the largest and most renown national and international firms. Our Experience and abilities equal that of some of the biggest and best firms in the country, yet our size and dedication to each individual client, allow us to utilize unique approaches in vigorously representing all of our clients.



To provide every single client with the same level of attention and dedication. To utilize our combined education and experience to tackle even the most complex legal matters. And to do it all in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.



We’ve attended some of the best schools and worked at some of the largest and most renowned national and international firms. We have all the experience and abilities of the biggest and best firms in the country, but our focus and dedication to the unique needs of each individual client is what sets us in a league of our own. It’s a formula that leads to custom-tailored, creative, and effective solutions for each client, and peer recognition for many of our attorneys (including Utah’s Legal Elite, Wisconsin and Utah Super Lawyers and Rising Stars, and Best Lawyers in America).



Meeting every client’s unique needs means more than just custom-tailoring legal services. It means custom-tailoring a billing arrangement too. We pride ourselves on being that rare firm that believes in financial flexibility. We work with every client to understand their situation, and will consider alternative billing solutions, including flat and hybrid fee arrangements.

Why We Are Different

We are an enthusiastic group of wildly talented attorneys with diverse skill sets that deliver exceptional results for its clients in a fun, sharp, and cost-effective manner.