Litigation & Disputes

Appellate courts exist because even the best-intentioned judges and juries make mistakes. Skilled appellate advocacy, based on thorough knowledge of the law and concise, strategies and techniques in persuasive writing, can obtain reversal of even the most disastrous trial court result or preserve a crucial victory. 

We don’t just know this. We regularly do this.

Our litigators have devised creative resolutions to the most complex, difficult disputes.  For more than a quarter of a century, our appellate lawyers have won dozens of important, highly technical appeals for their clients, earned numerous published decisions to their credit, and been asked to present amicus briefs in state and federal appellate courts. These appeals showcase the strength of our trial practice and our ability to develop and execute focused arguments built to stand all tests.  Drawing upon the experience of our trial lawyers and former judicial clerks, we’ve become masters at appellate writing and advocacy by developing their skills over the course of thousands of hours before state and federal appellate courts throughout the United States involving a wide range of subject matters. Appellate work requires precise knowledge and a new, fresh perspective about the issues involved in a particular case. We employ a detailed, comprehensive approach to produce meticulously researched appellate briefs of the highest quality, whether we are new to the case or are providing a fresh set of eyes you need on your case, if you are seeking to reverse or defend a result not initially handled by our firm. We also provide strategic counseling and advice on preservation of error and other trial-level issues that can affect subsequent appeals.