Remotely Working with Your Lawyer in a Virtual World

Remotely working with your lawyer

“We provide sophisticated legal advice in a wide range of practice areas, but our overhead is low, our staffing lean, our fees flexible and value-driven.” 

It has come to a point where for some, working remotely is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Unsurprisingly, law firms have begun to get into the trend of working remotely. In fact, so prominent is this movement within the legal field, that Atlantic magazine asked in a feature story about the changing legal work environment, “Do lawyers need offices anymore?”

Law firms, in particular, are expected to widely adopt a remote workforce in 2019, through both “virtual firms” — in which all lawyers work remotely — and evolving policies at conventional law practices of all sizes.

And while it is true that the legal industry has been slow to embrace the trend due to compliance issues, heavy regulation and concerns over client data protection, that is changing with the steady rollout of new technologies, improved security capabilities and wider connectivity.

The ability to work between meetings, access case files instantly and meet clients wherever they prefer can mean less time wasted during the workday — and that should mean much stronger results.

Also, it’s been proved that working from home can result in impressive employee productivity gains, benefiting lawyers, staff, management and clients alike.

Letting team members work at home, the client’s office, or anywhere but the office can help build a firm culture that benefits clients with increased flexibility and responsive communications.

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