Defamation, Disparagement, and First Amendment

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What can you say online? A lot, but not anything.

Our attorneys diligently work on behalf of their clients to ensure their rights are respected.  Our attorneys have experience litigating the barriers of First Amendment and Defamation law. Sometimes these claims are called defamation, false light, invasion of privacy, unfair competition, or business disparagement.  In Utah, some false statements are considered so harmful that damages are presumed by law.

We represent clients accused of defamation as well as clients seeking to protect their reputations from people who cross the line. Whether your issue arises online or offline, Our attorneys can help you determine what is wrongful defamation, and what is protected free speech.

Whether your case arises from commercial disparagement or a personal dispute, our firm can defend your rights and your reputation.

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Defamation, Disparagement, and First Amendment