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If you’re a contractor, subcontractor, supplier, developer, architect, or owner, don’t go anywhere else. At least not until you read about our construction law experience. The thing is, when it comes to construction law, we’re good. Real good. The kind of good that has represented an endless list of folks just like you in construction projects of every size and scope.

The short version of what we do:

Make sure it’s smooth sailing every step of the way for your project, no matter the size.

The slightly more detailed spiel:

We offer a breadth of services that cover an equally wide variety of issues that arise in construction projects, the development process, project negotiation, and contractor performance. The list of what we can do (and do well) is endless: drafting and negotiating construction contracts, reviewing plans, perfecting and defending lien rights, attending to performance issues and construction defects, litigating warranty and defect claims, and addressing workplace issues such as workers compensation.

Of course, that’s just what we do on our own. In collaboration with our real estate and corporate transaction teams, we work to guarantee developers an even hand on all facets of a potential deal, including financing, plan development, and the construction itself.

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