Kevin Allen

Of Counsel
Salt Lake City

Kevin Allen is Of Counsel at Pia Hoyt. Prior to this role, Kevin served as a District Court Judge in the First District of Utah. During his time on the bench, Judge Allen presided over several high-profile cases in Utah that garnered national attention. He also played a significant role in the Utah judiciary system, serving on the Board of District Court Judges and holding the position of Chairman. Additionally, Kevin was a member of the Utah Sentencing Commission and served as the Presiding Judge for the First District in Utah. He was also a member of the Utah Judicial Council, the governing body overseeing the entire Utah Judiciary.

Before taking the Bench, Kevin earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Oklahoma, where he received numerous accolades, particularly in trial advocacy. During his time in law school, Judge Allen was commissioned as an officer in the United States Navy and subsequently served in the JAG Corps. While in the Navy JAG, Kevin held the position of Head Prosecutor for the Northeast Command in Groton, Connecticut, and later served as Senior defense counsel in the European and Southwest Asia Command based in Spain. Throughout his tenure as a JAG officer, Kevin handled a substantial caseload, trying hundreds of cases. He was also selected as one of only three prosecuting attorneys tasked with investigating and prosecuting a significant breach at the U.S. Naval Academy, which involved over a thousand witnesses and more than one hundred Midshipmen. Following his service as a Lieutenant Commander, Kevin transitioned to private practice, focusing primarily on business, estate, and real estate disputes.

Kevin's extensive background encompasses a lifetime of experience navigating high-profile, high-stakes legal cases. His adeptness at maintaining a composed demeanor and his exceptional problem-solving skills have been finely honed through years of tackling complex and challenging legal matters. Kevin's track record of successfully handling cases involving the most intricate and demanding issues speaks to his expertise and proficiency in the legal field. By leveraging his wealth of insight and perspective gained from his diverse legal experiences, Kevin is well-equipped to bring a unique and valuable perspective to his role at Pia Hoyt.



University of Oklahoma School of Law / JD

Brigham Young University / BA