Trade Secrets

Litigation & Disputes

Whether you have a fully developed intellectual property portfolio or are just starting out, we can assist you in protecting and enforcing your intellectual property rights against unlawful infringers. We understand how critical intangible assets like trade secrets are to the viability and success of our clients.  Our wide experience also enables our firm to defend your company and employees against charges of trade secret misappropriation.

We understand that the key to protecting your trade secrets begins at the start of your company—not when problems arise. That’s why we encourage potential clients to contact us when they’re beginning to develop their trade secrets. We counsel our clients on how to best create a strategy that fully protects their trade secrets early on and has successfully represented clients on both the filing and receiving end of trade secrets litigation.

Our attorneys are equal parts experienced counselors (helping clients create and implement intellectual property audits, methods and procedures to protect their valuable assets) and battle-tested trial lawyers who are skilled in obtaining and defending temporary restraining orders, ex parte seizure orders and injunctions that seek to enjoin the use of misappropriated trade secrets and corporate opportunities.

Our experience also includes counseling and defending against trade secret theft claims (and related claims including claims for breach of noncompetition agreements) arising from the hiring of employees from competitors. We regularly conduct internal investigations for clients in response to misappropriation allegations, navigating complex employment and technology problems. We have a deep understanding of the business issues that frequently drive these disputes as well as the nuances behind them, and we pride ourselves on our ability to craft creative legal and business strategies to resolve these matters to our client's advantage.

Our attorneys also provide thorough counseling at every stage of the litigation, explaining all options, and helping clients understand the process within the constraints of their budget.