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If you’ve read through any other sections of our website, you’ll notice a trend: we have a lot of experience in a lot of areas. Our background in real estate law is a great example of our firm's depth. We’ve represented private groups and large institutions in complex real estate transactions, and we have the experience and innovation to advise and assist clients with a pretty long list of real estate needs:

  • Condominium property regimes (CPRs) and associations
  • Residential and commercial developments
  • Mixed use and planned unit developments
  • Work with municipalities to approve developments
  • Commercial, residential, and ground leases
  • Purchase and sale of land (improved and raw)
  • Subdivision of land for resale and development purposes
  • Review of appraisals, environmental and soil reports, etc.
  • Water rights
  • Oil, gas, timber, and mining rights
  • Eminent domain
  • Homeowners associations
  • Land title issues and insurance
  • Landlord-tenant disputes and advice

We weren’t kidding about that “long list” thing.

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