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If we’re talking the plain’ ol’ nuts and bolts of mergers and acquisitions, our M&A team can do it all. They routinely handle mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions of businesses and assets for companies of all sizes and industries, as well as for private equity funds, venture capital groups, and institutional lending groups. Their transactional experience includes the negotiation and drafting of stock purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, and merger agreements.

Our multidisciplinary approach is where you get to see the true collaborative superiority of PAM. In order to ensure that our clients’ interests are well served by a single law firm, our M&A team will collaborate with other attorneys with our firm who can provide significant experience in securities law, financing, tax, employee benefits, environmental law, real estate, and intellectual property. 

Why spread your work to multiple professionals on deals when you can associate with our firm 's M&A team and have all the professionals you need under one roof?

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