Fiduciary Disputes

Litigation & Disputes

A dispute in a trust, guardianship, or estate situation can be a personal and legal burden. Often these cases involve sensitive family dynamics as well as complex legal considerations. They must be handled carefully. Whether driven by an unreasonable party or a good faith disagreement, fiduciary disputes require knowledgeable and experienced representation to make informed decisions and to achieve optimal results.

Our fiduciary dispute team is comprised of veteran trial attorneys with extensive knowledge of the laws and unique procedures applicable to trust litigation and other areas where fiduciary duties arise. They also have equally extensive experience litigating cases involving trustee duties, discretion, and authority—both inside and out of ERISA. We bridge the gap between others and often work together with our trust and estate lawyers to ensure only the highest grade of representation.

We work with administrators, conservators, executors, guardians, beneficiaries, and corporate and individual trustees across a wide range of probate matters.