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Educational institutions are required to operate like businesses, serve like charities, and protect like government agencies. Because of this, schools face overlapping—and sometimes conflicting—obligations, which administrators and educators must navigate while also doing the demanding work of educating.

The attorneys at our firm have real experience serving the needs of schools. They have worked with public, charter, and private schools, from K12 through higher education, on a wide range of important issues, including sexual assault and bullying investigations, student disciplinary and due process hearings, First Amendment (religious/free speech) concerns, gifted and talented policies, regulatory compliance, and employee issues. Our attorneys are well versed in federal and state education laws. They have also advised education-related governmental and private entities at the local, state, and national levels. Our firm is prepared to help educational institutions with whatever legal challenges they may face.

Our attorneys are available to counsel with schools on policies and procedures, in order to prevent problems before they arise. But, when necessary, our attorneys are more than able to respond to school problems and crises efficiently and effectively, in ways that support schools' larger missions. Our firm serves schools, so schools can serve their students and their communities.

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