Intellectual Property | Litigation & Disputes

If you create any sort of art or other protectable items - film, music, illustrations, screenplays - you know the importance of copyrights. They don’t just protect your original works. Copyrights also protect your right to reproduce, distribute, perform, display, and prepare derivative works from your works of art.

And in order to protect your copyrights, you need our firm.

At our firm, we provide full-service protection for your intellectual property. Our copyright business services include advising and counseling on your copyright intellectual property strategy, preparing your copyright registrations, negotiating on your behalf, and preparing licenses, assignments, and other agreements related to your copyrights.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive litigation strategies to protect and defend your copyright from infringement and to prepare licensing agreements for others desiring to use your works of art in the public sphere. We will also respond to cease-and-desist letters alleging copyright infringement by you and defend you against claims of infringement.